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"From the nineties, skateboarders were considered as outlaws. In the event that you were captured skating parking lots or other public areas, the authorities captured your own board. It was during that time, that Ian Comishin began his own Skateboard Business from the interior of British Columbia.

Ian's fantasy was to bring skateboarding to little cities across Canada.

He wished to demonstrate the children who grew up in those isolated regions something that they were not usually subjected toshow them there's much more out there than 4x4ing and drinking beer. He wished to inspire, and also to share his enthusiasm. His thought was to create a travel skateboard and audio series, and also to devote the summer of 1999 on the street, spreading the positive message of skateboarding and songs.

Ian collect a group of four skateboarders and 2 bands for your excursion. All from little cities themselves, they discussed Ian's fantasies to bring their fire to light.

Everyone chipped in to help construct a mobile skateboard park from donated materials. Ian setup the tour dates and in the last moment, the tour's funding fell through. No one was prepared to let that prevent them from hitting the street. In 1 car and three trucks, towing one mobile skateboard park, four skaters and 2 rings set off to travel 2800 kms to place on 8 shows within eleven times with next to no cash.

It's a roadtrip documentary that spans twelve years from the lives of those powerful small city children."

Author : Soren Johnstone

Soren Johnstone spent the last several years making, editing, and marketing their last film, Play With Fire. At that time, they explain in their current pitch video, there was no such thing as crowdfunding. Now they're working on their next film

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