20 years later

People around the globe from the skateboard community still remember the iconic Hicks on Sticks. A group of guys back in 1999 did a groundbreaking mashup. The made a whole movie, to be more precise. Soren Johnstone‘s feature-length documentary follows a led group of skateboarders and musicians visiting small towns and rural areas with a view to inspiring children to explore their interests. They came from places that had no skate parks and innovated on steep paths, public staircases and parking lots.

hicks on sticks

Even if the movie wasn’t a financial success it had a great impact on the skateboard culture in total. That’s why TWIFT is happy to become an investor for the comeback of Hicks on Sticks, but this time in Denmark! How rad is that! A reunion and a new mashup of young and elder skateboarders. All gathering to create a whole new level of the skateboard culture. 

There will be even more loaded up vans with boards, ramps, and people after years of honing their skills and of course they will be hitting the road. But this time there will also be more music. As you know music has always been a part of the skateboarding culture since its earliest existence. In reality, the skateboarding counterculture is known for its wide variety of musical styles. Today, skateboarding is closely identified with several different genres. The music most closely associated with the sport appears to have a fast rhythm pumping the adrenaline when skating. The new mashup will bring you a whole new motion of music freedom and joy. 

Get ready to dive in, get inspired and add many new skateboard tricks to your arsenal. Also, be prepared for loads of beauty from the Danish rural areas and a massive positive wave from the locals. Something really controversial is coming, stay tuned.

Author : Soren Johnstone

Soren Johnstone spent the last several years making, editing, and marketing their last film, Play With Fire. At that time, they explain in their current pitch video, there was no such thing as crowdfunding. Now they're working on their next film

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